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Little Purple flowers

Homesteading is strictly defined as “life as a settler on a homestead.”  Wikipedia has a definition I like:  a lifestyle of self-sufficiency.

I like being as self-sufficient as I can.  I have learned to knit and crochet my handspun wool.  I learned how to spin wool on two different spinning wheels, how to hand card the wool into rolags, or use the drum carder to make batts.  I can dye that wool using commercial dyes, food colouring or Kool Aide.  I have even used leftover hair dye with moderate success.

I learned how to water bath can my fruits, and pressure can my vegetables and meats, although I haven’t done any in the last year.  I have made dry soup mixes which I “dry can” in mason jars which are ready to add water and cook for a couple of hours.  I have even tried my hand at dehydrating foods, including some hamburger “rocks.”

I have done a lot, and have a lot more I still want to do.  All I can say is — it’s an adventure!