Julie B 1Fred Lee’s book “If Disney ran your hospital 9 ½ things you would differently” argues that nobody has ‘moved the cheese’ when it comes to things that matter most to the patient or what motivates and keeps good employees. Whilst healthcare can’t be compared to Disney there is no denying that as an organisation it is amongst the top in providing excellent service to its guests

With that statement in mind let my first blog begin.

Julie B 2Its hard to imagine a more magical place than Walt Disney World, yet its secret is not magic pixie dust. It is its well trained, enthusiastic and motivated workforce.

 As Walt Disney himself realized

 “you can dream, create and design the most wonderful place in the world, but it takes people to make the dream a reality”.

Julie B 3

Whilst there is no doubt that the patient is at the centre of healthcare, I had…

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