Lee's Paleo 101

Well, I’d point to myself as a case in point.

But I get it. You surf around the Paleo sites when you hear your friend talk about how they’re losing weight and feeling healthier than they have in years since they started eating this way. You start seeing a bunch of things you don’t really like, mostly centered around evolution.

If you’re a young earth creationist (you believe that the world was created in a literal six days and the genealogies in Genesis give us an accurate estimate of the age of the earth), it’s even more difficult to swallow. I mean, for heaven’s sake, how can you accept there was an agricultural revolution about 10,000 years ago when that’s pretty much the maximum time that the earth has even existed?

Don’t get hung up on the name. Heck, rename if it makes you feel better. Call it the “Blessing” or…

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