This author has some great suggestions for taking great pictures. She even supplies links to tutorials. Cool, huh?

Catching the Light

Besides a fantastic camera, what do you really need to get started? Every time I go online or to a camera shop, I see new accessories and gadgets that catch my eye. Each item promises to help me in some form or fashion to create unbelievable photographs. If only it were that easy.

For the beginner, there are a few key items you simply must have, as well as a few items that aren’t crucial, but you’ll be thankful you have them. Let’s start with the bare necessities.

Camera Bag
Everyone needs a camera bag to haul all of their gear around; it should be handy, lightweight, and with lots of storage. Most cameras are sold with an over the shoulder bag that usually holds nothing more than the camera and one lens. I have found that this type of bag is not very useful because it holds so little…

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