How to live off-grid without a refrigerator

By Lindsey Cox 

Maybe it’s an emergency situation, like a hurricane or thunder storm causing a long-term power outage. Or maybe it’s just personal preference – more and more people find themselves wanting to truly live the off-the-grid lifestyle. Whatever the reason, more people are making the choice to live without modern-day refrigerators. Some do it to cut down on hefty utility bills. Others do it just to see if they could live without refrigeration.

Could your family live without a refrigerator? For a few days? A month? A Year? Permanently?

You might be surprised at the answer. Here are some tips on living refrigerator-free:

Use alternative cooling sources.

Most people who go without a modern-day refrigerator still use some sort of cooling method to preserve food when needed. Simply put, cooling preserves certain foods so they last longer. Most folks who unplug their refrigerators have a backup system…

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