Become A Skilled Marksman Without Spending A Dime On Ammo Image source: CLCweb

By Travis P

There aren’t a lot of ways to practice shooting without ammo. Of course, dry firing is incredibly useful. You can develop a good grip, and work out some of your bad habits. You are also perfecting your trigger pull. Everyone should do a bit of dry firing, before and after a live fire session.

The problem with dry firing is simple. For one, it’s boring. That’s actually the main problem.

Way back when I was a recruit in boot camp on Parris Island I went through hours and hours of dry firing practice. This was all before we were even allowed to see live ammunition. We laid under the South Carolina sun for days with a chorus of clicks caused by hammers hitting firing pins and firing pins striking nothing.

We are lucky to live in an age where firearms and technology are constantly…

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