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So you’ve finished your handspun, and you’re looking at your lovely skein, but… how many meters (or yards) is in it? It’s an important question, it helps you find a pattern, and know that you have enough yarn to finish it, or that you might need to find something else to bulk out your meterage.

The good thing is, you have your yarn in a skein, which is the perfect start to determining meterage. This means that you can also use this technique to determine meterage for any mystery yarn that you have in a skein.

mulberry tree fractal yarn_20140705_133510

Here’s my Mulberry tree yarn.

calculating meterage_20140708_204005

And here’s the skein unwound and stretched out, so that I can measure its length. Normally I’d pull the skein out with both hands, so that there was a bit of tension on it (not stretched, just not floppy). (Of course here one hand is busy taking…

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