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Westwick Dreaming

Back to a (slightly historical) pork processing post.

After sausages, parma ham and brawn we wanted to try some wet-cured hams. Wiltshire Cure was the obvious choice. Of course we went to Hugh Fearnley-Whittstall’s River Cottage Cookbook for advice. This is a really excellent book along with his Meat book for processing a pork harvest it will give you lots of vital information about the cuts you will want to get and what to do with them afterwards.

Ingredients Ingredients


1 half leg of pork (ours was boned)

1.5kg Salt

3 Litres beer (bitter)

1kg black treacle or molasses

20 Juniper Berries

30g Black Peppercorns

Put all the ingredients except the pork into a large pan.  Bring to the boil and then leave to cool.

Transfer to a non-metallic tub and chill then add the pork leg which had also been chilled.

I also added a couple of ham…

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