An explanation on how a camera works. Once you understand, you are better able to correct for various elements out in the field. Well done explanation, thank you

Catching the Light

Hello, all! Welcome back!

This week’s blog is going to explore some of those fundamental concepts we started discussing last week. We talked in depth about what aperture is, but we will hold off on how that relates to taking pictures until we discuss a few more concepts. Hang in there, folks! It will be worth it, I promise.

The shutter in the camera acts like a door covering the lens that opens and closes, allows light to pass through the lens to the image sensor and be recorded as an image, and shuts to stop the light. The speed that a shutter opens and closes is measured in fractions and whole numbers. A really fast shutter speed might be 1/3200 of a second, while a slow shutter speed may be 10 seconds; the shutter remains open for the full 10 seconds. The longer the shutter is open, the more…

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