I was so nervous the first time I pressure canned. After a summer off canning chicken and beef and pork and beans (without seasoning) and canning dry beans, even now I will sit in the kitchen knitting while I make sure the pressure fudge doesn’t get out of the safe range. I canned left over meats, with dry beans as filler jars to make a full load. It really is very easy, almost easier than hot water bath.

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So today’s adventure is in pressure canning! I’m a little nervous, I’ve been doing the water bath canning for years. Lots of salsa, jam and other high acid things that are just fine for some easy water bath canning. But this year we really wanted to be able to can the bounty from our CSA including veggies. So here I am sitting in my incredibly hot kitchen hoping I don’t screw up to badly! I’ve read everything I can get my hands on, the bible of canning (the Ball Blue Book of Preserving) as well as a few others that I loved (this onegreat for preppersreally enjoy this one) and gleaned a pretty good understanding of what’s supposed to happen. I’ve had my eye on this pressure canner for a while, but can’t justify spending the money until I really feel comfortable with this…

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