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These are photos of one of my Christmas presents for Grandson #1 aka RedBoy.  I can’t remember what size I used.

Basically all my socks are based on the book Simple Socks Plain and Fancy.  All fo mine are plain.  This is handspun Merino spun fine (to get out most of the Vegetable Matter, and 2-plied.

I used #2 circular needles (just one set) of Hiya Hiya interchangable.  knit from the toe up using a modified figure-8 cast on, and the new-to-me Fish Lips Kiss heel.  One of my fellow bloggers led me to this direction and I really love it.  I tried adapting the short row heel from Simple Socks to this method, and I went back to doing this exactly as directed.  Now, if only I could eliminate the hole at the ankle.

Any imperfections are on purpose, of course.  I am like the Amish.  These imperfections are to keep me humble.  So, RedBoy will have to live with my little humility!



I hand dyed the spun wool in my small crockpot with Country Classics Ripe Tomato.  I love the little gradations of colour, and I purposely overpack my crockpot to create some resistance.  i also pile the dye on top and let it filter down.


Red, however, is the hardest colour to keep from bleeding.wpid-20140629_044232.jpg wpid-20140629_044246.jpg