I make these packets of oatmeal to take camping or even as an emergency stash for work. I like to use thick cut regular oats instead. I just add the hot water and let it sit, and it is just perfect!

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These are simple and delicious meals to add to your 72 hour bags, or to stock up on for at work or school. More nutritious and customizable than the processed oatmeal packets and significantly cheaper! Normally I am not a huge fan of plastic bags, but I’ve made some exceptions. The snack size baggies are great for this project, and since it’s dry goods I don’t mind reusing the baggies a couple times over before I recycle them!
The best part about these packets is the fact that they are completely customizable! I love brown sugar and cinnamon in my oatmeal so that’s what I added, but feel free to add whatever floats your boat! Some great add-ins are dried fruit, nuts, sprinkles (for the kids of course ;-)), chocolate chips, caramel chips, etc.
I put all my ingredients in a big bowl and mix it up before putting them…

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