By Commmon Sense Prepper

Keeping food from spoiling is one of the greatest challenges for a prepper and there are many products available to help extend food shelf-life. Canning jars, sealable plastic bags, food-grade buckets…the list goes on. Mylar bags, however, are easily one of the most useful of them all for storing almost any kind of foodstuff. Not only is the material itself good for keeping nasties out and the food inside safe and clean, it also acts as a flexible container that allows for easy storage and transport of supplies! Let’s see what makes these bags so useful and why you need to have a few for your food stockpiles.

Mylar, the Space Age Miracle

Mylar is a trade name for Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate, a polyester material developed in the 1950′s and used by NASA for a variety of space-faring purposes. Space blankets, for example, are made possible owing…

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