I love this pattern. It is a free ravelry download, and would be perfect to showcase my handspun yarns.

Knitting Quests

The past week has been a somewhat stressful one for me. I made it a point not to indulge too much into rambling about my personal life on Knitting Quests (that’s what I’ve got my personal blog for after all), but my current knitting spree is inspired by current conditions. My SO is in the US Navy and they were deployed on the 25th of July for a minimum of 7 months. I have numerous mental disorders that make functioning under stress or fear extremely difficult. I’ve lost people unexpectedly too often, and not being able to stay in touch with someone I care for can be very disabling. He gets busy and sometimes can’t email me for several days in a row. Considering that we’ve been talking daily for a full year now (with few exceptions), it’s a tough pill to swallow.

Top it off with my internet being a…

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