This is a great recipe. Gonna have to use my mints I have in containers on the deck.

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honey mint syrup

I’ve been putting off this recipe for awhile because I really wanted to find a way of canning this. I didn’t want to take up fridge space for a recipe like this, but the reality of it is that all of the mint syrups for canning involve a ton of acidity.

I don’t want lemon mint syrup. Lemon mint syrup is great if all you want is tea…and like lemon mint. But I use mint syrups in coffee and other places where the lemon flavor would clash.

So fridge it is.

In theory, you could start this in the morning and have it done by that night. If you really wanted to cheat you could stick in the fridge but I’ve found you don’t get as strong a mint flavor out of it.

The other positive about refrigerating a syrup like this is that you can adjust your sweetness level…

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