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Horrific Knits

MYO and DIY from Horrific Knits

Make your own brown sugar

In about five minute’s time, a bag of sugar and a bottle of blackstrap will give you all the brown sugar you want.

Make your own strawberry jam

Use that brown sugar to make your own strawberry jam

Make your own crockpot bread

You need something to corral that jam, right?

Make your own coffee creamer

Trust me, a lot better for you than the big name stuff-and just as customizable

Make your own pumpkin spice syrup

When you make it at home, you actually add the pumpkin. Or not.

Make your own extracts: mintvanillacinnamon

Cheaper. Much, much cheaper

Make your own blender salsa

Especially good if you like the consistency of picante sauce

Make your own roasted tomato sauce

So much better than the stuff out of a jar-and a lot less sugar

Make your own citrus cleaner

What to do with…

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