This article has great ideas on essentials to have on hand for the hard times. Not the zombies, but those times where there is too much week at the end of your payday.

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Stockpile Vs. Horde how to tell the difference

In popular culture you often see preppers being portrayed as whack-jobs, they run around with tin foil hats and spout off nonsense. When they show off their ‘stockpile’ it often it looks like Horders-Prepper Edition. Rooms filled floor to ceiling with toilet paper and spam. Who could live like that? Having a stockpile isn’t a bad thing, not at all. When SHTF the first thing that will happen is store shelves will be bared. Even now when the supply chain gets disrupted in the slightest way you’ll find empty shelves and long lines at the store. So being prepared with a stock of supplies is a good plan. But please for goodness sakes be smart about what you stock.

When I think about stocking supplies for emergency situations, whether local, global, or just personal, I focus on the most basic and work my way up. I think of things that…

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