By  Kimberly Sears Off The Grid News

Do you love the idea of canning veggies from your garden but refrain from doing so for fear of botulism? Does your home canning consist of only basic jams and jellies because you’re convinced that if you attempt to can green beans you’ll do it improperly and kill your family?

You’re not alone. Botulism strikes fear in the hearts of home canners everywhere. Botulism toxin is one of the deadliest neurotoxins in the world. Once it enters your body, it blocks nerve function, causing muscle paralysis and eventually death.

The name for botulism comes from botulus, the Latin word for sausage. Originally known as Kerner’s Disease, one of the earliest outbreaks was recorded in 1793 by the physician Justinus Kerner in the town of Wildbad, Germany. Many people fell sick and died after eating contaminated sausage.

Today, instances of foodborne botulism at…

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