survival uses for plastic bags

By Theresa Crouse – SurvivoPedia

They’re lightweight, they’re multi-purpose, they’re inexpensive and they don’t take up hardly any space; a plastic bag fits all of the criteria for being an ideal survival item.

Since they’re so readily available, you should have some in several different sizes just so that you can be prepared for even MORE scenarios!

Here are just a few survival uses for plastic bags – we promise not to state the obvious use of carrying things!

1. Maintaining Body Heat

Garbage bags or yard bags are plenty large enough to use as make-shift windbreakers. They’re waterproof and keep out the cold wind while keeping your body heat trapped inside where you need it. You can make a jacket or leg coverings from big ones and you can use small ones for your feet, hands and head.

2. Bandages and Bandage Covers

A fabulous survival use of plastic…

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