Technology is grand, is it not, what with Bluetooth making connectivity so reliable, with phones and television screens and even refrigerators connecting to the web with nary a finger to lift.  One would think by the title that I will discuss some great new technology, right?  WRONG!  This discussion harkens back to the greatest medieval torture device we females call the Underwire Bra!

Introduction and purpose of this post

One bra expert estimates that 90% of women who hate underwire bras are actually trying to wear the wrong size.  This causes the bra to “dig in, roam around, ride up, gap or squish (Becker, 2013).”  The purpose of an underwire bra is to lift and shape the breast tissue to create the desired shape.  The only way to achieve this is through using underwire bras (Becker, 2013).

Types of Bras

(Noble Works Cards, n.d.)

I started this research project because I felt I personally needed to know more.  I am morbidly obese and as I get older, I find my bustline sags much more than I wish.  When I wear cheap wireless bras, my boobs splay to the sides and bounce.  Not very attractive I must admit.  My first attempts at wearing an underwire bra were dismal failures, resulting in me ripping out the underwire immediately when I got home from work.  I was left with not just marks, but welts on my rib cage under my breasts, and attempted stabbings under my arms where the tips of the underwire tried to murder me.

Since I seem to be a bit of a researcher, I thought to find out what, if anything, I can do to fix this problem.  Women of all ages are able to wear underwires for extended periods of time.  Evidence of this is the Survivor series, where all women seem to wear them (CBS Interactive, 2016).  I can’t be the only one left hanging (pun intended!).

“A bra in the right size is always more comfortable!” (Becker, 2013)

Strange Breed(Faust, 2010)

This will be a series of posts, and will include the history of bras, the purpose of bras, the consequences and ramifications of wearing bras, the controversies surrounding bras, and the proper fitting and care of underwire bras.  This list is not all inclusive since I tend to stumble upon strange and glorious things during my research, and will add them as I see fit.

This list is also not in order of posting, since it depends on how much information I have at one time.  What I can promise you is that this will be as scholarly and as entertaining as I can make it.  I will use what creditable sources I can find, and point out any dubious sources if I notice them.  And, of course, there will be the bibliography.  I hope you find this series as (ahem!) UPLIFTING as I have.  May your cup (not) runneth over.


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